Put on Your Gloves…Portfolio Time!

Holly Put On Your Gloves (2)This past month I was reminded by several people of the importance of an online portfolio.

How does one find the time? It’s tough. I understand. The past year for me has been spent purging my old home, looking for and buying a newer home, dealing with endless contractors and repair nightmares to fix both my old and new homes to a decent state, selling my old home, and lots of moving stuff.

I am happy to be in one home now dealing with those contractors at a slower pace. I am still surrounded by unpacked boxes as I launch my next portfolio project. On the other hand, why put it off? It’s time to put on those gloves and start again.

Today I organized my workshop into a set of easy-to-follow pages. Start here, and see where it takes you!  Good luck!

Instructional Design Portfolio Workshop


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