Don’t Quit Your Career; Find a Mentor

Don’t quit your career!

We have too many women who end their engineering careers early due to being unhappy in their workplace.  This study from University of Michigan is shocking.

I have been the only women in many projects. The wonderful women who have joined me are seldom from the United States. What does that say about what we are doing here to encourage women?

I have been the only woman teaching men week after week to further their careers as Microsoft Systems Engineers. Lately I have been the woman creating user stories for all male Agile development teams. My fellow women in technology have told me their stories. It’s not easy. Sometimes you end up in a place that seems intimidating or is not a good fit. So today I’m encouraging you to give it a try.

I know the men will test you. Do your homework. Once you start working hard and asking intelligent questions, most men will support you on the team. Show them you know how to do your job; you will gain their respect! Treat the men with respect; you will gain their cooperation.

If you end up in a group that continues to separate you out, or you have a boss who doesn’t appreciate your work, see what you can do to fix it. If you can’t fix it, then start looking for a new job. Quit the job for a better one. Please don’t quit your career!

Ask for help when you need it.  Keep a strong network of mentors around you associated with your profession and your current studies, not with one workplace.

Companies will come and go. Your team will come and go. Your boss will come and go. You will likely change jobs many times in your technology career.  Keep finding mentors, keep your own career moving, and please encourage other women to do the same!

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