Conquering the Fear of Social Media – Find Your Advocate

We all need an advocate, a teacher, to learn a new tool.

A few years ago I was considering joining Facebook.  I went with caution. For weeks I surveyed many people about Facebook. I asked people of every age and background.  I posed my questions to everyone who might use the tool. I found my advocates.

The Facebook advocates told me what they liked and found useful about the platform.  My advocates answered my questions.  When I expressed concerns over posting rock band photos to family, I learned about creating groups for controlling my photo albums. When I asked about security, I learned about locking my profile down.  I learned the lingo, the good and the bad of the tool from my advocates.

Later I found my advocates for Twitter tied to a job opportunity. In the past month I have studied it, learned it and now tweet daily. I am now a Twitter advocate.

Today I am here starting my first blog. My blogging advocates told me where to go and about the value of blogging as a professional writer. So here I go.

To those afraid of any form of social media, I would suggest beginning by finding advocates.  Ask around using friends, coworkers and family who use social media as a starting point.  People love to be asked for their opinion.

To some of you reading this blog, you might be a social media advocate.  I would suggest you look around in your family or friend set.  Is there someone afraid of social media?  Please take a few minutes to show them what you find fun or useful on your favorite social media platforms.  You might just change their world and help bridge the social media gap.

1 thought on “Conquering the Fear of Social Media – Find Your Advocate

  1. Nice commentary! Having recently (and reluctantly) come to the conclusion myself that certain business imperatives left me no choice but to reconcile myself with the reality of FaceBook, I appreciate the timing of this post and the measured and thoughtful approach you describe. You can’t just dive in blind and you can’t–much as I urgently would’ve preferred–reject the whole thing out-of-hand either.

    I’d be curious to hear your impressions of that latest of networking monstrosities Google+. Maybe that’s something you’ll touch on as your blog unfolds.

    (Oh, and BTW I really need a twitter advocate–I’ve got it but I’m quite sure I’m butchering it over there so far. *grin!*)

    –Larry Iversen

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